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Walker House Restaurant

146 High Street, Southampton , Ontario N0H 2L0


Food Restaurant

146 High Street,
Southampton, Ontario
N0H 2L0

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+1 519-797-2772

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Today: 11:30 am — 08:00 pm

11:30 am — 08:00 pm
11:30 am — 08:00 pm
11:30 am — 08:00 pm
11:30 am — 09:00 pm
11:30 am — 09:00 pm
11:30 am — 10:00 pm
11:30 am — 10:00 pm

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  • ☆ ☆
    Long wait for mid week dinner. Food was ok but the service is really slow.
    By Corrina Jonker, May 04, 2017
  • At first you might think "OK, let's just eat something here and go home", but the experience was somewhat different. The waitress is awesome, impeccable service and thoughtful. I got the pepper lemon chicken wings and it was just as my mom used to make. An incredible trip to memory town. Then I ordered the open faced hot beef... (Not the prettiest of plates, but who cares with all that flavor). The beef was totally tender and sliced. Mashed potatoes with the right amount of lumps and good Vegetables on butter. I will recommend this place for everyone until I die. And the best feature IT'S NOT EXPENSIVE.
    By Daniel Grossi, September 17, 2016
  • ☆ ☆
    Not for kids. It was nice as usual, but I took my kids there. A kids meal is $8 which isn't bad. However it does not include a drink. Also a kids side salad is another $6. The Caesar salad was very aggressively seasoned. Which my daughter described as burning her mouth. I tried her salad, and I have to agree it could be described as burning. So after only a couple of bites the salad was taken away at our request. I had a burger special. Which was good, but don't order of you're in any sort of rush. Also I asked for the fries to be cooked longer and I'm assuming they forgot. On the good side the portions were large. The kids burger was large enough for a adult. So for two kids meals, and a burger special. With two waters and one kids Orange juice. (No liquor), the bill was just under $45 before tip. The servers were good so I did leave a tip. A couple kids lunches, and the burger lunch special were over $50 when done with no wine, beer, or other drinks. Nice atmosphere, good food, don't be in a rush, don't bring your kids.
    By Jason Harris, September 15, 2016
  • Good food. Nice surroundings. Good service.
    By Robin OHara, August 12, 2016
  • Great food and great staff. A must if you are in the area.
    By Josh Kettenbach, July 12, 2016
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About Walker House Restaurant in Southampton

Walker House Restaurant is a food and restaurant in Southampton, Ontario. Walker House Restaurant is located at 146 High Street.

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