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Armen's Cafe

224 High Street, Southampton , Ontario N0H 2L0


Food Restaurant

224 High Street,
Southampton, Ontario
N0H 2L0

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+1 519-797-3864

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  • So, this was my first visit to Armen's Cafe and for that matter, South Hampton. Wandering around the streets, hung over, famished and desperate for some breakfast, I spotted this bizarre looking yellow building that I wouldn't have expected to be a restaurant. Curious, I poke in, notice a bunch of travel pictures and eccentrically strange trinkets layering the walls. Large tree saws, hunting knives, electronics, currency bills from all over the world, jokes about Oscar Pistorius and his uncle, isis, Bernie Sanders. Is this a food or art house? The space is tiny and I notice a cook working feverishly in what would seem like a kitchen the size of a miniature closet. Still not sure what to think, I squeeze in a little further to feel out the vibe. At this point, I'm basically loitering and kinda wavering in my decision, until an older gentleman gets up out of his chair, taps me on the shoulder and says, "son, there aren't many, so take my seat (he was finished), stop looking confused, order something off the wall menu, you're gonna love it." So I sit, roll the dice on the special. The cook, who I realize is Armen, eventually delivers to me an absolutely heaping lunch wagon plate of curried chicken, cauliflower, rice, nan, and soup. He fires off a couple quick one liner jokes before sprinting back to the cooks closet to hammer away at the incoming orders. Where am I? I mean he's doing it all! Comedian, answering phones, washing dishes, telling local patrons that he has no time to chat. It felt like a Seinfeld episode. I'm digging it. Anyway, the food. Unbelievable. I was totally blown away with the delicious and full of flavour meal. Heaping portion, good price. I honestly couldn't finish it all and I typically crush everything. Thanks for the experience Armen, I was happy to stumble upon your little piece of the world and definitely hope to be back! Keep it up.
    By Brandon McInnis, March 05, 2017
  • Great food at great price. Very friendly environment.
    By Simmons Kwan, February 27, 2017
  • The food is awesome. Really nice and warm-hearted athmosphere. Patio in the back. Had the Lunch special for 15$ and it was really good and pretty much. Recommend this place!
    By Torben Gritzka, November 21, 2016
  • The best authentic, worldwide foods for a great price. Armen and his team make beautiful masterpieces on plates - the rooftop patio is great too!
    By Sarah Blake, September 05, 2016
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About Armen's Cafe in Southampton

Armen's Cafe is a food and restaurant in Southampton, Ontario. Armen's Cafe is located at 224 High Street.

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